BCON 2016 on YouTube


Blender conference 2016 has happened and you can now watch the whole thing on YouTube. Click the image above to be taken to the official playlist.

There’s a ton of exciting content from new and upcoming features for the Blender software as well as some amazing projects that some teams are working on.

A couple of highlights for me are MAD animation studio’s presentation on their upcoming feature film, “Cinderella, the cat”, it has some beautiful imagery and artwork. Their discussion about their processes is very insightful and it’s great to see that they are working on improving some of the features of Blender, namely their work on rigify. Hjalti Hjalmarsson’s presentation “The Appeal of Animation” shows a great breakdown of the 12 principles of animation and really allows you to see how Hjalti’s thought process works when trying to make sense of these key principles. Lastly, the presentation on Agent 327 is an awesome demonstration of the process of making a quality short film, seeing all of the iterations one after another is a very humbling way of looking at animation that we rarely get to see in such detail.

Another successful BCON!