Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Bloody Brilliant

I just went to see the new prequel to the Harry Potter franchise and it was bloody brilliant!

Without spoiling anything I just wanted to quickly talk about the special effects, what worked and what didn’t. For me at least.

Firstly what worked, the scenery, backgrounds, the world that it all took place in. The newspapers and posters felt very familiar which helped to solidify that yes we’re in the magical world, the locations were never too fantastical but looked pretty good. The magical effects of destructed stuff putting itself back together was very pleasing and fun to watch.

For me what didn’t work was the humanoid characters, most notably Gnarlack the gangster goblin felt like he was completely out of place. The voice, Ron Perlman, didn’t seem to match the character who looks like they kind of wanted to make him look like Ron Perlman but not very much. He really was sitting in the uncanny valley, Warwick Davis’ Griphook was a far better example of  a goblin in the HP world.

Lastly the beasts. The designs were vary well done and they were all well executed, they felt a little out of place but it still worked. The best way to put it is that the beasts stick out, they’re exaggerated, but that’s kinda why we came so it’s ok.

Overall a wonderful introduction to the new series of movies and I can’t wait for more.