Full Writeup of the Blender UI Workshop


A full writeup of all of the topics discussed during the recent Blender UI Workshop is now available. The workshop was attended by Bastien Montagne, Brecht van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Daniel Lara, Jonathan Williamson, Julian Eisel, Mike Pan, Pablo Vazquez, Paweł Łyczkowski, Sebastian König, Sergey Sharybin and of course Ton Roosendaal.

There is quite a bit there, they certainly covered a lot of ground in their discussions. It’s clear to see that they want to make lots of small changes that each add to the usability of Blender without completely changing the look of the general UI.

Personally I’m really looking forward to the added top bar as it would be very nice to have access to commonly used tools in a context sensitive manner (“ Settings of the last executed operator” ) and a status bar that shows important information and statistics at a glance.

I also think that the inclusion of an “extensive use of manipulators” will make learning how to use blender much easier, especially in the beginning when it will help to visualise what the operator will do / is doing.

Be sure to have a read to get an idea of what is coming for Blender 2.8!