Moana was fantastic!

So today we took the kids to the movies to see Moana and it was an excellent idea, I was very happy with the movie -the rave reviews have been entirely correct. The movie was exciting and engaging all the way through, enough to keep the kids interested for the duration which is nice.

The animation was beautiful, the landscapes and locations were stunning – all of what we have come to expect from a major disney production. I enjoyed that the casting seemed authentic, none of the accents seemed off or forced, which is great as they all fit in with the narrative. The history and lore were interesting, entertaining and a great diversion from ‘regular’ lore.

The songs were all quite good and fit the story well, it certainly felt less song-y then Frozen which felt jam-packed with songs, I didn’t feel like any of the songs were trying to be the new let it go which would have been a silly move.

My only complaint is that the story felt very linear, there was very little movement away from the path that the main storyline was on. There was definitely room to expand on several parts of the plot that would have made for a deeper and more meaningful world and story.

Overall a fabulous romp through the south pacific that everyone can enjoy!

Side note, saw the trailer for Boss Baby before Moana, is it just me or is dreamworks trying to emulate Disney’s style?