Rogue One is probably the best Star Wars movie.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers!

If you haven’t watched Rogue One yet you probably should if you want to avoid spoilers on the story, events, characters, locations etc.

I don’t want to write a huge review so I’ll touch on a couple of the points that stick out to me.

Rogue One does a great job of answering the question of “how did Leia end up with the death star plans at the start of episode 4?”.

K-2SO was a great character and a welcome comic relief throughout the seriousness of the film, especially during the first half, he reminded me of HK-47 from Kotor but slightly less directly threatening.

The destruction on Jedha was mind boggling for a test fire of the death star, when Alderaan was destroyed it didn’t feel as huge, it was just bang gone. But on Jedha we had seen life in the city, the locals living their lives, the imperials trying to control everything and the rebels fighting back. I definitely felt it more to see all of the people we had actually seen, even if breifly, be suddenly exterminated. Also the giant chunks of the planet being thrown into the air really gave the feeling of the power of the Death Star on it’s lowest setting.

The large battle towards the end on Scarif tied the story together very well and solidified Rogue One as a solid war movie set in the Star Wars universe. Tons of epic moments, to list them all would be a play by play of the battle.

Tarkin and Leia being digitally added to the movies were subtly done, and the effect was quite good, still sat in the uncanny valley for me but up on the way out of the valley would be the best way to describe it.

It was a bit sad to see all of the new characters that we had just started to get to know, who all could have benefited from greater screen time without detriment to the movie as a whole, all dead at the end of rogue one. However it certainly has added a weight to the story of the original trilogy, these rebels who risked everything to succeed were only successful in getting the data out to the rebel fleet and not in getting out alive.

Then right at the end we were shown the Darth Vader that we had always heard about, the one that scared all of the characters in the original trilogy, more then just a big man in a black suit. He was cold and merciless as he single handedly took out a bunch of rebel soldiers on one of the rebel ships it was brutal and he made it look easy,  and was very unsettling.

The way I felt at the end was that this was the prequel that we always deserved, the prequel trilogy seems almost like a cartoon compared to this. It definitely seems that the amount of lightsabers in a Star Wars movie dictate how good it is, Rogue One with it’s single lightsaber scene  was utterly fantastic.