Making a Sled Animation with Dynamic displacement in Blender by Jason Kessler

Here’s a fun little tutorial series from Jason Kessler, he shows you how to make a snow sled animation by using dynamic paints features. Some nice results from this tutorial and dynamic paint is something I haven’t used much of before so it’s nice to see how it can be used.

Self-Portrait Progression (2014 – 2016) + Breakdown – (AMupdates)

Check out this outstanding self portrait by AMupdates (blenderartist username), the attention to detail is wonderful and the result is very realistic looking. Click on the image to be taken to the blenderartists thread where you can see a comparison to an older attempt and a breakdown of how the …

Some Christmas Cheer

Being that it’s the holiday period I thought I’d share some Blender artwork that I have enjoyed. Credits at the bottom 🙂